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Our experienced team will ensure a professional, accurate representation of your inventory through the use of proprietary systems and purpose-built mobile barcode scanners.
Stock Counting
The Stockcounts team provides a focused stock counting service enabling the customer to better analyse stock movements in their stores. Accurate knowledge about the inventory improves profitability and assists you in identifying weaknesses in your processes

Stock Count Teams
The client can use their own staff to do the counts, the advantage is that they know the shop, stock locations and systems. This can place a burden on the staff if, for example, stock counts are done outside business hours and may risk the efficiency of both the count, and the following day’s normal operations.

We can provide you with a team of people that will do the stock count. This will remove the burden from your own staff and they will come back the next day fresh and ready for trade!
Project Management
We ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish! We can also assist you in handling your own stock takes and map out the procedure.

We assist our clients with everything from planning and preparation, pre-count checks on the existence of barcodes, through the count process and to finalization of the count and house-keeping

We have extensive experience when it comes to the managing of inventory
Data Capturing
There are so many things happening in your business that sometimes it is hard to keep proper track off everything.

Moving between systems is a daunting task, especially when historic datasets must be transferred.

We can assist you to compile all the data from the various aspects of your business into a format where you can at any time know what is going on in your business.

Data Management and Conversions
We found that when a business has the proper policies, practices, and procedures in place the owner is able to focus more on growing the business instead of fixing problems all the time.

We can assist you to setup you business in such a way that you will have more time to focus on other things.
Data Analysis and Reporting
Our development team has extensive experience in developing fit-for-purpose tools in Qlikview, PowerBI and other products
Retail Services
Leka Rona is a registered reseller for Kerridge Software, an established international Point-of-Sale and Logistics systems.
IT Services
We are registered resellers of retail-specific hardware including barcode scanners, printers, cash drawers, touch screens, customer displays and more. We asssit with initial system installations, as well as support and maintenance on existing equipment. Our team will aid in managing the network and system-integration of multi-site stores across South Africa.

Through extensive experience in data and Masterfile management, we provide solutions in managing stock files by establishing integration with suppliers to upload inventory data, thereby ensuring that supplier product information (including barcodes, categories and other detailed attributes) tie in exactly with your inventory categories without the need for manual inputs